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Americorp Financial


Americorp Financial partners with healthcare manufacturers and suppliers to increase sales by providing flexible finance solutions for their customers and purchasers. By working alongside healthcare manufacturers and suppliers, Americorp is able to offer customized finance programs for a variety of industry purchasing agents where other financial institutions are unequipped.

The Challenge

Americorp-ChallengeAmericorp Financial had had the same website for the past 8 years. It was time for an update. The site needed to address two major factors:

(1) Needed to be mobile-friendly; and

(2) Needed to tell the Americorp story


HindSite dug a little deeper and discovered that the new site was also to be a lead generator for prospective clients/partners. We also kept hearing the same issue again and again “Our visitors don’t know what we do here.” After some back and forth we set a plan into motion that was a perfect fit for Americorp.

The Solution

After discovering that the homepage was to be an informative story, lead generator and contact form we proposed a long-scrolling (but not too long) homepage, responsive website redesign, improved navigation structure, worked in conjunction with a content writer for refreshed site content and marketing messages.



The site was built using responsive web technologies that restructures the content to fit the screen size of the user’s device (mobile, tablet or desktop). Customers will now have the same experience on any device without all the screen squeezing and pinching.



The homepage incorporates several custom hero graphics, company narrative, interactive animations and contact form to better connect with customers.



The Result

What we did

Responsive Website Improve navigation structure Parallax Animation Lead Generation System Content Strategy
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Americorp Financial now has no concern over whether or not customers can view the website on all devices. When prospects call Americorp, their main avenue for closing new business, representatives spend less time describing who they are and more time discussing custom financial programs. More leads, more sales. All by clearly defining and visually showing ‘what they do, how they do it and why they are different from other financial institutions.