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I-Search — Axiom Systems Inc.


Axiom Systems Inc., is an information technology solutions firm that provides IT consulting services and products exclusively to the healthcare industry. They have developed a wide array of products with one simple goal in mind, simplifying HIPAA e-commerce. With an extensive knowledge of healthcare and its regulatory and technology issues, Axiom provides high quality service to thousands of clients, nationally.

The Challenge

The United States healthcare industry will transition to a new updated system of modern medical codes called ICD-10. The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 took place on October 1, 2015. To help with this change Axiom Systems Inc. has created I-Search, a search tool which converts ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes for clinical diagnoses and procedures.


Axiom built a BETA version of the tool internally but wanted to take the web-application to the next level. As one of our long-time clients, Axiom came to us to achieve their goal of developing this tool into a fully-realized national product.

The Solution

Axiom had already completed their research as well as a Beta version of the search tool. Once the necessary functions and requirements were determined, HindSite proposed a responsive web application in contrast to the idea of a native application, one that a user would download from the App Store or Android Market, to reduce cost, maintenance and updates. The web application would be hosted on a server where updates, maintenance and monitoring could take place daily.

I-Search is to be used by medical professionals to convert the change in medical codes for diagnosis and procedures for their patients. Some professionals such as medical coders and receptionists are stationed at computers where they have access to the web on larger monitors, whereas the professionals like doctors, nurses and admins are highly mobile and could only make use of this tool on mobile devices. By using responsive platform, we could make sure the experience was the same on a tablet as it would be on a laptop.


I-Search includes an administrative area for the applications’ customer admin users and their employees. This area would also serve as a major communication platform for I-Search’s site-admins and company admins to ask questions, report issues, track usage, edit user permissions and sign up new customers/users. The admin area is used heavily by both users and I-Search admins, so the interface needed to be clear and easy to navigate through. Each section was built to complete multiple functions to reduce to amount of redundancies.



I-Search was not known as a viable tool for ICD code translations. There needed to be a marketing effort to inform prospective customers what the app does, how it works and a method to sign up for use. I-Search has a user membership for two primary groups, free users and paid users. The paid users have an unlimited number of users able access to the app whereas the free users are only allowed 5 individual users per company. Because of this two-user divide there needed to be two separate landing pages that feature similar content but differ on conversion rate.


The free user visits a page directed at informing and converting an onlooker to a signed up free user. This is accomplish this a small form was added to the bottom of the page. It’s free, so why not sign up.

The paid user visits another page that again focuses on informing but also serves as a login access point to the I-Search application.

The Result

What we did

Mobile First Design Responsive UI Web application Administration Area ICD translation tool ICD-9 / ICD-10 Conversion Subscription Levels Enterprise vs. Standard Administration Admin and user management
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Since the initial launch of I-Search, Axiom Systems has had great success in customer sign ups. Many users have begun to express their appreciation for creating such a helpful tool during a stressful transition between major medical code libraries. Customers are able to ask questions and Axiom is able to manage and speak with their customers through the I-Search admin area.