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Advanced Biotechnologies Inc.


Advanced Biotechnologies Inc. (ABI) provides the high quality viral reagents for research and development processes. They serve the biomedical industry as innovators and educators, spearheading the creation and manufacture of products instrumental to improving human diagnostics.

Additionally ABI aims to significantly impact the global medical community and to ultimately help people live better, healthier lives. These value propositions needed to be effectively translated on a web presence while allowing optimum experience to its target audience.

The Challenge


Advanced Biotechnologies (ABI) has a unique position in their market space as a biomedical supplier of cell cultures, viral samples and other biomaterial.

However ABI was unable to efficiently manage inventory, update product catalogs, allow customers to submit web forms, and a shopping experience by their potential customers. Additionally the site was facing number of security issues and vulnerabilities from their old site.

Beyond these processes, ABI knew there were other problems that ran skin deep; such as an antiquated website, site navigation, an unclear marketing message, and it was time for the site to become mobile-friendly with an increasing number of users accessing site from their mobile devices.


The Solution

HindSite Interactive tested all the pain-points described by ABI including the problematic processes, cosmetic visual elements and user-experience shortcomings. We then proposed a solution which included a complete responsive website redesign, improved navigation structure, formed a system of key interaction points to keep users engaged and on task, made the product catalog more search engine friendly, repaired each form and allowed easier content editing/updating site-wide.

Additionally we applied a user funnel to keep users engaged and on task


The site was built using responsive web technologies that allow it to be viewed and used on any mobile, tablet or desktop devices. Customers would no longer be limited to desktop computers but could submit forms or place orders on their timetable.


We also created a system of key interaction points also referred to as a “user funnel,” these points provide the user with a predefined set of options at specific intervals throughout the site. Each option presents the user with a choice: what information is important and necessary for me to complete my task. This system guides the user through the site to offer content he requires to either research ABI and its products or prompt a decision to purchase.

Conversion Funnel:

Each product added to the catalog is now given a unique URL string that allows the user to quickly copy & paste the link to share with others or save for review later. Prior to this change, a user needed to search through all products in a given category to find the correct item, each time he wished to review the product information. This addition especially aides long-time and frequent customers as they tend to order the same products several times a year.

Administrative Area:

Another major change was to the administrative area of the website. An updated version of WordPress was installed that offers better site security and easier editing abilities. The customized editing areas created for the ABI content editors is more intuitive than the previous version. So when editing a page, updating content or adding a product to the catalog, it takes the content editor less time to manage content. The update also repaired the submission issues that were reported on each of the forms. Although this was a nice surprise, the forms still required updating and reformatting for mobile devices.


The Result

What we did

Responsive Design Web and Mobile Friendly User Experience Strategy and navigation Ecommerce Product catalog Content Management Syste Dynamic forms & CMS Custom shipping module
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Now that Advanced Biotechnologies is running an updated web presence, on both the front-facing and administrative sides, they and their customers are able to enjoy the benefits.


Customers are able to interact with the diverse biomedical product catalog, order products, save previously studied products for review later, contact ABI using several designated forms, and access the content they need when they need it.


Internally, ABI content editors and admins are able to spend less time editing and updating within the WordPress environment across the board. ABI is now able to communicate more effectively with customers by way of the functioning form system. They also realize the advantages of a mobile-friendly website regarding viewership and customer accessibility.