Initially created as an animation tool for designers, Visme, a cloud based SaaS company (Software as a Service) has evolved into an all-in-one visual communication tool for non-designers.

Since it’s Beta launch Visme has amassed over 1 million registered users and utilized in over 100 countries from individuals to leading nonprofits and fortune 500 companies.

As Visme evolved to an all-in-one tool, it began to face a major challenge with conveying the right message to its wide audience.

The problem Visme had was quite unique. Most services are geared towards a specific niche. As a result the marketing message can be more easily tailored to that audience. However in case of Visme, users range from small businesses and individuals, to students, educators as well as fortune 500 companies.

We were tasked with the following:

  • Update branding colors and establish typography
  • Create a new site architecture and content strategy
  • Create landing pages specific to each cohort
  • Create an engaging website experience
  • Improve conversion rates for sign-ups


Through the discovery phase HindSite and Visme realized that it would be nearly impossible to have the landing page content appeal directly to all audience cohorts. As a result we decided to create the home page as somewhat abstract with a catchy slogan “Speak Loudly, Speak Visually” and create separate landing pages each targeted towards business and education as well as deploy pages by content type (i.e. Presentations, Infographics,. Charts, Social Graphics, etc..)

Although Visme is a web app and requires users to create their content in laptops or desktops but the content is viewable on all devices. Given Visme also generates traffic from various devices including mobile and tablets, the site was heavily customized from the ground up to be responsive.

Although flat design is quite popular on most leading website (ex. Apple), Visme wanted something unique to portray their own unique culture. As a result we agreed on isometric designs for primary icons and 3D illustrated SVG objects with subtle animations throughout the site.

The HindSite team worked closely with Visme to establish a set of brand guidelines including typography, brand colors as well as graphic and iconography. The vibe was to keep branding clean but vibrant.


The new website has increased engagement and gained praise among its users. Additionally through A/B testing we were able to show dramatic improvements in conversions and in turn an increase in MRR (Monthly Run Rate).


Client feedback

"Visme was incubated out of HindSite Interactive; a sort of an offspring that is quite special to our team. We could brag about how happy we are with HindSite Interactive, but then that would be a conflict of interest. So let's just say, Visme considers HindSite a key asset to its success and has no plans on hiring another digital agency to help it's growing needs!"
Payman Taei, Founder & CEO