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Axiom Systems


AXIOM Systems is a privately held information technology solutions firm providing an array of information technology consulting services and products exclusively to the healthcare industry

Services include Healthcare Consulting, System implementation and integration, Business intelligence, regulatory services and claims augmentation help leading Payers and health care providers since 1996.

Additionally it’s suite of software and SaaS products allow leading Payers and healthcare providers to simplify HIPPA eCommerce, Electronic Medical Claims and other specific offerings.

Since 2011 HindSite Interactive has served as a digital consulting partner to help improve and maintain the growing web and graphical needs of Axiom Systems as it launches new products and brands.

The Challenge

Axiom Systems had a few challenges both from a branding perspective and also from a technical level for it’s web presence.


Axiom Systems had a unique branding challenge and this needed to translate across it’s marketing channel.

The Axiom brand provides consulting services at an enterprise level while also serving as an umbrella company for its suite of products each serving a specific niche and with their own brands.

The challenge was how to translate this so it would not alienate the organization’s value proposition while at the same time resonating witth its audience and clientele on what Axiom and each of its products Transend, ClaimShuttle, and Solace among others stand for.

Each of the brands had outdated logos that needed a fresh look that needed a sense of compatibility to each other (given they were part of a central organization) yet each serving as a standalone product.

Web Based:

Axiom’s corporate website was over a decade old and static with no central administrative capabilities. It’s ClaimShuttle website was based on an old version of Drupal (6.0) and its Solace had no clear web presence at the time of the onset of the partnership.

Additionally none of the websites were mobile friendly and were not optimized for target keywords and phrases for search engine indexing.

The Solution

HindSite Interactive first began a discovery phase to understand the company’s service and brand hierarchy structure. We listened to the client’s concerns and the challenges it was facing and the future prospect of the company.

The project was going to entail multiple phases and approaching all challenges at one time was not practical and would have triggered new challenges in the future.

We then began a holistic approach, began prioritizing the project into a few phases (each composed of their own sub-phases).

Additionally we understand things change over time; so we only scheduled and set goals for few months at a time where at end of each milestone we could look back and analyze the progress and make adjustments for the next phase both in terms of project capacity and changes in objectives and business conditions.


Phase I:

We first upgraded the Axiom Systems Logo (Refined with subtle changes to keep it crisp and clear with a bold feel vs. the predecessor that had a softer pixelated appearance)

We then fully revamped the Axiom System website. Following our standard website redesign phase approach where we worked closely with the client to refine site architecture and user experience of the website. Additionally to clarify the services and product line landing pages specific to Axiom divisions and each key service was developed.

As the size of the team was growing and with offices in multiple locations, Axiom needed to improve the internal communication on news and events but needed to keep them private.

To alleviate this dilemma HindSite created a private blog to be used internally within the organization.

Phase II:

Once the corporate presence and hierarchy was established, we concentrated on each product’s branding and web presence. First the brand was redesigned to be a reflection and the product it was presenting and serve as the foundation for the user interface of the website.

Over the coming months we worked our way through Solace, Claim Shuttle, and recently iSearch which included both a full Web application and website (LINK)







Phase III:

The Axiom partnership has transitioned beyond web design/development and branding work. HindSite has an ongoing relationship that now spans across both technical and graphical services for all active divisions.

Technologies & Solutions used:

  • Drupal 7.0
  • Migration from Durpal 6.0 to 7.0
  • WordPress (Axiom Internal Blog)
  • Custom Web App Development (See iSearch case study)


The Result

What we did

Ongoing Consulting Design & Development Web App Dev UI and Back-end User Experience Design Strategy Graphic Design Digital & Print Online Marketing
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Client feedback

"Hindsite has become our go to vendor for all of our web design initiatives. Over the course of the last few years they have redesigned our corporate web site and two product websites and have helped us with designing a new mobile app. They are creative and responsive partners and we are very pleased with them. "
Richard Rowe, President and CEO